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DC Voltage Current to PWM Signal Converter


BRT VIPM Analog DC voltage current to PWM converter is a 0-20mA 4-20mA 0-5V 0-10V to PWM signal linear conversion module. It converts 2-channel current signal and 2-channel voltage signal into 4-channel PWM frequency signal.

Main Features
● Accuracy: 0.2% F.S. precision MCU used.
● 12-24V wide range operating power supply.
● Input, output range are selectable via jumpers.
● 0% to 100% or 50% duty cycle output.
● Fixed 1KHz or 100Hz; 0-1KHz or 0-10KHz output.

BRT VIPM DC voltage current to PWM signal converter accepts 2-wire and 3-wire 4-20mA 0-20mA signal input, 0-5V 0-10V voltage signal input, and outputs 0-100% duty cycle PWM signal. Its input current or voltage signal, output frequency signal range and duty cycle are selectable through soldering pads. Its basic accuracy is 0.2% designed on basis of MCU. Output amplitude is 5V or equal to power supply voltage input. It has standard panel-mounted shell, wide range power supply, polarity-reverse protection, very convenient to use or do integration.

Main Applications
● 2-wire/3-wire 4-20mA to PWM signal conversion.
●0-5V 0-10V to PWM signal conversion.
● Industrial frequency signal data acquisition.
● Industrial automatic equipment signal controlling & monitoring.

Typical Wiring Circuit

voltage current to pwm converter wiring

voltage current to pwm converter wiring

Volt. Current to PWM Converter Parameters:

Input2-channel 0-5V/0-10V and 2-channel 0-20mA/4-20mA, settable by short-circuited or open-circuited connection to 0/4-20mA, 0-5/10V pads.
Input current signal0-20mA or 4-20mA, max. 24mA, sampling resistance 100R, support 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire current signal input.
Input volt. impedance1M Ω
Operating power supply12-24VDC
Accuracy0.2% F.S. TYP.
Output PWM duty cycle4-channel signal output, 0% to 100% or 50%, collector 1K pull-up output, selectable through NC0 pad.
Output PWM frequency rangeFixed 1KHz or fixed 100Hz; 0-1KHz or 0-10KHz, selectable through 0-1/10KHz, NC1 soldering pads,
Output PWM amplitude volt.5V or equals to VCC power supply voltage input.
Size (LxWxH) PCB module: 80x45x10mm; DIN Rail-housing: 88x53x59
Operating temperature-10-+55℃
Storage temperature-20℃ to 60%℃
Humidity85%. R,H. non-condensation