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Isolated RS485 Repeater Isolator Module 

Model: BRT 485B

This isolated RS485 repeater is a high-performance industrial-level RS485 signal isolator and extender. It can automatically sense the direction of the data flow and the communication baud rate, without any control or handshake signals, and ensure full transparent transmission of data.

Main Features
● Max. transmission rate is up to 300Kbps
● 1500m long distance stable reliable transmission.
● 2.5KV isolation among input, output, power.
● ± 15KV ESD protection, 600W TVS protection
● 9-36V power supply, less than 0.36W power.

BRT 485B  Isolated RS485 repeater isolator has anti-surge protection and electrostatic protection functions, its power supply input and communication signal channel are completely isolated. It has following features: long transmission distance, high speed, stable and reliable performance, etc. It is widely used in attendance machines, IC card toll collection systems, automated control, access control systems, parking lots, canteen sales systems, and highway toll collection systems.

Main Applications
● RS485 network data acquisition and transmission
● Industrial controlling and monitoring.
● Video data transmission, intelligent building signal controlling.
● Industrial automatic equipment signal controlling.

Main Functions
● Industrial level design, complete isolation, stable reliable data communication max. transmission rate up to 300Kbps;
● Built-in high-quality DC/DC isolated power module to achieve electrical isolation among input, output, power supply ports;
● Support multi-machine communication, up to 128 nodes can be connected, the longest transmission distance is 1500 meters;
● Using data flow automatic control technology, automatically detect and control the data transmission direction;
● Multiple protection measures: ± 15KV ESD protection, 600W dual-channel TVS protection
● Wide range power supply: 9-36VDC, has anti-reverse protection;
● Have operating status and power supply LED lamp indicator.

Dimension & Wiring

RS-485 Repeater wiring & size

RS-485 Repeater wiring & size

The product detailed specifications below:

Operating power supply9-36VDC
Rated power consumption0.36W (9V/35m;12V/27mA;24V/15mA), max. 0.5W
Load capacity1-128 nodes
Communication distance0-1500m
Communication rate300-115.2Kbps, max. 300Kbps
Operating temperature-30℃ to 80℃, >95% R.H.; max. -40℃ to 85℃.
Protection± 15KV ESD, 600W TVS
Isolation voltage202000VDC/1min, among input, output, power supply, max. 2.5KV
Weight about 66g

RS485 Bus Cable for Communication
• Use 2-core shielded twisted pair cable
• Copper, wire diameter 0.5~0.75 square millimeter,
• Impedance 38~88 ohm/km,
• Capacitive resistance 30~50 nF/km,
• 2-core shielded twisted-pair cable with 20mm twisting distance (if the cable distance is not more than 500 meters, the cable standards can be appropriately reduced, but it must be a twisted pair cable)

Product video

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