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Isolated PT100 to RS485 AD Converter

Model: BRT PT100RTU

This Isolated PT100 AD Converter is designed to convert PT100 sensor signal into RS485 signal output for temperature data acquisition in industrial applications. Its baud rate, address, temperature correction value, etc. parameters can be read or write through command.

Main Features
● 1-channel 2/3-wire PT100 sensor signal input.
● Measuring temperature range: -199 to 600℃.
● Accuracy: ±0.2℃, max. error ±1℃.
● Standard MODBUS RTU protocol, RS485 port.
● Have anti-polarity reverse connection, anti-surge, over-current and EMC protection circuits.

BRT PT100RTU PT100 to RS485 Converter is a precision reliable 2/3-wire PT100 temperature sensor signal data acquisition module. It accepts 2-wire or 3-wire PT100 sensor signal input, input temperature range is -199 to 600℃, and supports standard MODBUS protocol commands. It’s input, output and power supply are isolated independently. It has watch dog function, automatic reset in 5 seconds in case of error. Standard 35mm DIN Rail-mounting shell, 7-30V wide range power supply, ideal to use in temperature signal acquisition systems.

Main Applications
● PT100 temperature sensor signal data acquisition.
● Temperature signal monitoring and controlling system.
● Temperature transmitter signal isolated transmission.
● PT100 to RS485 MODBUS A/D signal conversion.


The product detailed specifications below:

Input signal2 -wire/3-wire PT100 sensor signal (Recommended)
Input temperature range-199℃ –+600℃
OutputRS485 digital signal, standard MODBUS RTU Protocol
Measuring accuracy±0.2℃
Operating power supply7-30VDC
Operating current<50mA
Temperature drift≤0.005% F.S.(-20-+60℃)
Response time≤150mSec.
Isolation voltage1500VAC/1min, among input, output, power supply
Baud rate2400–115200bps , max. 32 nodes
Operating temperature-20-+70℃
Dimension95x25x41mm (L x W x H )

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