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Model: BRT LB02A

BRT LB02A Process calibrator is a high precision low cost portable frequency, resistance, mA, mV, V, 24V, thermocouple, PT1000, PT100, Cu50 signal calibrator multimeter. It supports fast output, curves, full-function mode, etc. Color LCD screen, only pressing buttons, it output signal without delay.

Main Features
● 0.25%±1.2 digits typical accuracy grade.
● Hz, Ohm, mA, mV, V, 24V, RTD, TC, etc signal.
● Have full-function mode, fast output.
● Precision DA, AD chips used to ensure stability.
● Simple buttons layout, large colorful LCD screen.
● Small portable shell, 2200mAH Li battery inside.

BRT LB02A Precision process calibrator is the upgraded version of LB02 process calibrator. It outputs and measure frequency, resistance, mA, mA, V, 24V, PT1000, PT100, Cu50, thermocouple signal and can be used as 4-20mA calibrator, mV frequency calibrator, temperature calibrator. LB02A process calibrator support full-function model, it outputs the specified signal immediately when pressing the button to enter the signal value. Its typical accuracy is 0.025%±1/2 digit. Inside the process calibrator, high precision chips and efficient circuits used to ensure its accuracy and stability, and quick-break fused used to protect from damages in case of 30V or higher voltage input. It has simply 16 operating buttons, user can use it without manual. And large capacity rechargeable battery inside, refined small portable shell, it is an essential debugging and calibration tool in the lab or in the industrial sites.

Main Applications
● Pressure, level, humidity, temperature, etc. sensor or transmitter signal simulation.
● Industrial process controlling signal debugging and calibration.
● Used as frequency signal calibrator, mA mV calibrator, temperature calibrator, etc.
● Used as 4-20ma loop calibrator, 4-20mA 0-10v source generator.
●Industrial automatic equipment signals testing, debugging and calibration.

Main Functions

●Have full-function operating mode, user can enter any value through digits buttons, the calibrator outputs signal directly.
●Current voltage Signal source output range: 0-24mA source or sink signal, 0-11V, 0-110mV, 24V, curves, etc.
●Current voltage Signal source and measuring range: -30 – +30mA signal, -30V – +30V, -150 – +150mV, etc.
●Frequency signal source output 100Hz -10KHz, measurement: 0-10KHz
●Resistance 20Ω-2200Ωoutput, 20Ω-2500Ωmeasuring range.
●Have cold-junction compensation value prompts, standard type R, E, S, K, J, B, T, N thermocouple, PT100, CU50, PT1000 signal output and measurement for temperature signal calibration and debugging.
●Large Color LCD display with back light for different lighting conditions.

Curves Output

LB02A Process calibrator curves output

LB02A Process calibrator curves output

General Parameters

●Battery: 2000mAH Li rechargeable battery.

●Size: 120x76x30mm

●Display: Color LCD display.

●Operating temperature: 0-+55℃

Signal Source Output Parameters:

FunctionOut UnitRangeSetting StepAccuracy (SP: setting point)
DC. VV0~11.00V0.01/0.1/1±0.025%SP ±0.004V
DC. mVmV0~110.00mV0.1/1/10±0.025%SP ±0.02mV
DC. mASink/Source/Program0~24.00mA0.01/0.1/1/4±0.025%SP ±0.004mA
OhmΩ0~400Ω1/10/100±0.025%SP ±0.3Ω
OhmΩ400~2200Ω1/10/100±0.05%SP ±1.5Ω
FrequencyKHz0-100.01/0.1/1±0.05%SP ±2Hz
TCR0~1700℃1/10/100±0.1%SP ±3℃
TCS0~1600℃1/10/100±0.1%SP ±3℃
TCB500~1800℃1/10/100±0.1%SP ±3℃
TCK-200~1370℃1/10/100±0.1%SP ±3℃
TCE-200~1000℃1/10/100±0.05%SP ±0.3℃
TCJ-200~1200℃1/10/100±0.05%SP ±0.4℃
TCT-200~400℃1/10/100±0.05%SP ±0.5℃
TCN-200~1300℃1/10/100±0.05%SP ±0.8℃
RTDPT100-200~850℃1/10/100±0.1%SP ±0.8℃
RTDCU50-50~150℃1/10/100±0.1%SP ±1.5℃
24V: Cannot be set.

Current measurement:0~24.000 mA


Measuring Parameters:

FunctionUnitRangeRESOLUTIONAccuracy (RD: Read number)
DC. VV-30~+30.000V0.001V±0.025%RD ±0.004V
DC. mVmV-150~+150.00mV0.01mV±0.025%RD ±0.02mV
DC. mAmA-30~+30.000mA0.001mA±0.025%RD ±0.004mA
OhmΩ0~999.9Ω0.1Ω±0.025%RD ±0.2Ω
OhmΩ1000-2500±0.025%RD ±1Ω
FrequencyKHz0-100.001±0.05%RD ±2Hz
TCR0~1700℃0.1℃±0.1%RD ±3℃
TCS0~1600℃0.1℃±0.1%RD ±3℃
TCB500~1800℃0.1℃±0.1%RD ±3℃
TCK-200~1370℃0.1℃±0.05%RD ±0.5℃
TCE-200~1000℃1/10/100±0.025%RD ±0.3℃
TCJ-200~1200℃1/10/100±0.025%RD ±0.4℃
TCT-200~400℃1/10/100±0.025%RD ±0.5℃
TCN-200~1300℃1/10/100±0.025%RD ±0.8℃
RTDPT1000-50~300℃1/10/100±0.1%RD ±0.5℃
RTDPT100-200~850℃1/10/100±0.1%RD ±0.8℃
RTDCU50-50~150℃1/10/100±0.1%RD ±1.5℃

* Ohm, RTD output & measurement: Lead resistance error is not included in the accuracy.
* Thermocouple output & measurement: Cold junction error is not included in the accuracy.
* No MODBUS, HART function.

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