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  • LB02A Process Calibrator

Hz mV mA V Ohm TC RTD Process Calibrator

Model: BRT LB02A

BRT LB02A Process calibrator is a high precision low cost portable frequency, resistance, mA, mV, V, 24V, thermocouple, PT1000, PT100, Cu50 signal calibrator multimeter. It supports fast output, curves, full-function mode, etc. Color LCD screen, only pressing buttons, it output signal without delay.

Main Features
● 0.25%±1.2 digits typical accuracy grade.
● Hz, Ohm, mA, mV, V, 24V, RTD, TC, etc signal.
● Have full-function mode, fast output.
● Precision DA, AD chips used to ensure stability.
● Simple buttons layout, large colorful LCD screen.
● Small portable shell, 2200mAH Li battery inside.