• NTC to dc 4-20mA Signal Converter
  • 10K NTC to Analog Signal Converter

DIN Rail 10K NTC to DC Signal Converter


This NTC to voltage signal converter module can coverts 100K 10K NTC thermistor signal into 0-5V or 0-10V signal in linearity. 0.1% high accuracy linear conversion. Standard 35mm DIN Rail-mounted shell, convenient to use in industrial applications.

Main Features
● 10K B3435 B3950 NTC thermistor signal input.
● Standard 0-10VDC, 0-5V, 4-20mA output.
● 24VDC power supply, have protection circuit.
● 0.1% high accuracy, high linear signal conversion
● 1500VDC isolated operating power supply.

BRT NTC-AD NTC Thermistor to voltage converter accepts 10k NTC signal input, and converts it into 0-10V 0-5V 4-20mA, etc. in linearity. The NTC thermistor signal is processed by internal modulation circuit to output temperature (voltage) signal. It is in small size, low cost, easy-to-use, and provides a simplified solution in temperature measuring applications.

Main Applications
● NTC thermistor sensor signal remote transmission.
● Industrial automatic temperature controlling system.
● Boiler equipment over-heating protection system.
● Temperature signal data acquisition and monitoring.

Functional Block

NTC to DC converter functional block

NTC to DC converter functional block

Wiring Terminals

Terminal CodeDescription
3/4 (IN1/IN2)NTC thermistor sensor signal input + (channel#1/2)
1/2 (-)NTC thermistor sensor signal input – (channel#1/2)
5 (OUT+)Output signal +
7 (OUT-)Output signal –
6 (PWR+)24V power supply +
8 (PWR-)24V power supply –

The product detailed specifications below:

Input signalNTC 10K Thermistor, B3950, B3435 sensor signal optional
Input temperature rangeDefault 0-100℃;  user-defined temperature range available.
Output4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, optional
Operating power supply24VDC, ±10%
Static power consumptionMax. 0.5W
Accuracy0.1 % F.S. (0.1℃ resolution)
Temperature drift0.01% F.S./ ℃(-20-+60℃)
Response time≤150mSec.
Isolation voltage1500VDC/1min, between power supply and signal input output channel
Sampling rate<0.5s
Operating temperature-20-+70℃, 95% R.H. Non condensation
Dimension94×25.8×41.2mm (LxWxH)

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