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4-20mA Signal Isolator Splitter Repeater

Model: BRT 420IA

BRT 420IA 2-wire 4-20mA loop powered signal converter isolator accepts 4-20mA sensor source signal input, and outputs standard 4-20mA signal after processed by internal signal amplification and isolation circuits.

Main Features
● Standard DIN rail-mounted shell.
● Loop powered 4-20mA signal isolation.
● 1.5KV isolation between input and output.
● 0.2% high accuracy, high linear signal conversion.
● 4-20mA source signal input, low temperature drift

BRT 420IA 4-20mA signal converter is a high linear 4-20mA loop powered isolator, it accepts 4-20mA current source signal input, and outputs standard 4-20mA signal with low ripple and low noise. Inside that 4-20mA isolator, there are current signal regulation and filtering circuits, signal conversion and isolation circuits. That 2-wire 4-20mA isolator converter is widely used in 4-20mA transmitter or 4-20mA sensor signal long-distance transmission without distortion.

Main Applications
● 4-20mA sensor signal data acquisition.
● Industrial 4-20mA signal conditioning and monitoring.
● Analog 4-20mA signal isolated conversion.
● Industrial automatic equipment signal controlling.

Typical wiring circuit

4-20mA isolator wiring circuit

0/4-20mA isolator  typical wiring circuit


4-20mA loop powered converter size

4-20mA converter isolation din rail shell size

The product detailed specifications below:

Input signal 4-20mA signal source
Voltage drop3V, TVP
Operating power supplyNone, loop powered type.
Output load capacityRL≤350Ω (current signal output), RL≥1MΩ (volt. signal output)
Accuracy0.2 % F.S. (25℃±2℃)
Temperature drift≤0.005% F.S.(-20-+60℃)
Response time≤150mSec.
Isolation voltage1500VAC/1min, among input, output, power supply
Insulation resistance≥100MΩ among input, output.
Operating temperature-20-+70℃